Consultancy Services

arc-net consultancy services is at the forefront of blockchain innovation to provide insight and guidance for real world applications.

Who we are

arc-net is a group of industry experts from multiple disciplines helping our customers revolutionise their business through the use and implementation of blockchain technology. Our team have successfully completed a number of global projects and product launches and continue to push the fabric of blockchain developments to provide transparency, trust and authentication of products.

Projects we have completed

Formed in 2014, following a period of extensive research where the application of blockchain technology in the food and beverage industry , arc-net have built an enterprise grade blockchain platform that tracks assets throughout their lifetime. The platform collects an asset’s unique identity, history and ownership to create a permanent record on the blockchain. This unique digital fingerprint is used by members of the supply chain to form provenance and verify authenticity, to uniquely connect products to consumers, promote transparency and tell the brand story.

Our experts are now helping customers across the beverage, retail, animal nutrition, agri and food manufacturing sectors to understand how blockchain can deliver transformation across the enterprise and support new digital services. Recent projects have identified, tracked and authenticated thousands of unique assets and mapped their progress from raw materials all the way through to the consumer presenting new opportunities for consumer and product analytics.

Advisory services

Organisations are seeking new ways to innovate, reduce complexity and to establish better ways of working and collaborating for improved outcomes.

arc-net’s advisory services and industry expertise helps organisations to solve business problems through the use of innovative solutions that incorporate blockchain to identify the positive outcomes that blockchain technology can bring.

As blockchain technology rapidly evolves it is important to know that you have access to industry experts who can provide an independent view of the landscape, and its potential business applications. Blockchain and its functionality has the potential to drive profound and positive change not only within the food and beverage sector, but across the industrial landscape.

As part of our initial advisory services, we provide:

  • An assessment of existing processes and operational challenge’s
  • Recommendations for improvement & blockchain implementation, where appropriate.

Further to advisory services, supplementary services are available and include:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Minimum Viable Product MVP
  • Solution Design & Customisation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Build & Implementation

As consumers become more empowered, arc-net is working with industry to support new market requirements and design next generation services, to support enterprise and consumer demands.

For more information or to request a meeting, please contact us.

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