The main goal is to build a great product platform that implements the core components, integrates with the various 3rd parties and makes it easier for our Customer and Developer Experience teams to build our market-facing experiences. These teams spend time building clean APIs, robust frameworks, solving hard problems and maintaining abstraction in our mini-services architecture.

Our primary external-facing applications are the web interface and the API. These are our customers’ first impression of the arc-net platform. API design is non-trivial, choosing abstractions that balance power and flexibility with simplicity and clarity is challenging. We are looking for individuals who can create beautiful, rich API experiences.

The following are the kinds of challenges that you have to work on:

• Integrating the arc-net Platform with 3rd party platforms.

• Designing and building tools that interact with the blockchain, supporting workflow and risk management use cases.

• Evolving our security implementation from authentication & authorisation through encryption and signing.

• Scaling our platform as volumes increase by refactoring existing components and introducing new technology advances.

• Building tools and processes to help us detect and respond to operational issues quicker.

• Increasing visibility in to app performance by working on our metrics and logging infrastructure.

If you enjoy developing a deep understanding of a technology and have a passion for simplicity, you’d fit right in on one of our team. Experience working with Linux, Java, and relational databases is required.

Tell us whatever you think would be most useful for us to better understand your background and accomplishments to date. If you have projects of which you are particularly proud, pass along some pointers.

You must be eligible to live and work in the UK.