Arc-net is thrilled to announce the launch of two more unique whisky products brought to you by Adelphi Distillery and Fusion Whisky with provenance shared in unique fashion by arc-net’s blockchain based solution.

Each bottle in these two releases contains an individually unique QR code. Scanning this QR on a smartphone provides the discerning drinker with a wealth of information on the provenance of the drink sharing everything from the grain delivery right through to the moment the bottle was filled.

The Ardnamurchan 2018 AD Spirit is the third release of spirit now from Adelphi’s Ardnamurchan distillery and the second that is backed by arc-net’s unique blockchain technology. The first single malt from Ardnamurchan distillery is still safely maturing until its release in a few years time but, under the watchful nose of Alex Bruce,Adelphi’s managing director, they carefully nurture young spirit in unique conditions to produce a wonderfully flavourful product that they bring to market before it’s old enough to be called whisky.

The Ardnamurchan 2018 AD Spirit is backed by arc-net’s unique blockchain technology

The Winter Queen Fusion is also a returning star after the first expression was well received when it launched earlier in the year. Named for Elizabeth Stuart the whisky is a blend from Longmorn and Glenrothes distilleries in Scotland as well as Zuidam in the Netherlands. It is the third in a string of collaborations between Adelphi and Fusion Whisky and the second Fusion to be supported by arc-net’s platform.

“Arc-net continues to focus heavily on supporting the food and drink industry in Scotland and the whisky sector in particular. Adelphi have been wonderful partners as we expand our presence in the market and have been invaluable as we refine our offering and prove our concept of protecting provenance and strengthening brand perception.” - Drew Lyall, arc-net General Manager

Such is the commitment that arc-net is bringing to the spirits drink industry that they have developed a brand new stand-alone offering for end-to-end distillery management called “Distilled ID”.