Arc-net Scotland started life in what was, at the time, the Entrepreneurial Spark program provided by RBS.

The “E-Spark” programme was hugely valuable to arc-net, not only providing us with a working environment at the RBS site in Gogarburn, Edinburgh, while we got the engineering team on its feet but also helping us find our market and craft our message. E-Spark isn’t designed for long term however and after a year or so arc-net was ready to expand and move on.

We still weren’t a big team and we definitely weren’t quite ready to take on a large scale office, but similarly, we wanted more freedom and autonomy than would’ve been available to us in a serviced space. So we found a home at Giles Street in Leith (conveniently just a few moments walk away from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s vaults location).

arc-net - office in edinburgh

Leith has a hugely creative energy and an incredibly diverse heart. Nowhere else in Edinburgh are greasy spoon cafes sitting right next to fancy bakeries and Michelin star restaurants! Giles Street served us well for about eighteen months (with the exception of winter time when the office was unbelievably cold!) but eventually, as the team built up and we started to need something more formal, we had to look elsewhere once again.

arc-net - office in edinburgh

Forward to January 2019 and welcome to arc-net’s new home!

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh’s financial business area - what is locally known as the “Exchange District” we have found our new home in No. Two Lochrin Square. A beautiful big space that should serve our needs for a number of years to come, complete with kitchen and meeting facilities - the arc-net family will be happy here for a long time.

arc-net - office in edinburgh

What a fantastic way to start the new year!