arc-net, a company that has developed a blockchain platform for product and supply chain authentication and security, have announced today that Adelphi have achieved a world first by placing their latest limited-edition spirit release on arc-net’s platform.

arc-net has uniquely marked and authenticated each bottle of Adelphi’s latest Ardnamurchan Distillery limited spirit release, allowing full traceability of each bottle from the distillery through the supplier network to the ultimate consumer.

Any buyer of Adelphi’s Ardnamurchan Distillery’s product will receive a certificate of authenticity eliminating the risk of fraudulent substitutions that are known to occur in the £5.5 billion whisky and spirit market1,2. In addition the consumer will be able to connect with Adelphi to learn about each of the unique events in the manufacturing and distilling process that created their exclusive bottle of spirit.

For Adelphi, the adoption of arc-net’s platform has automated the capture of all aspects of the manufacturing and distilling processes, eliminating legacy record keeping systems and providing transparent information that facilitates improved operational efficiency. The arc-net platform will also provide access to a toolset that unlocks product and supply chain insights.

The adoption of arc-net’s authentication and traceability platform reflects the strong value Adelphi holds in the manufacturing and story-telling process of their spirits and whisky. Using the arc-net platform Adelphi can now also connect the bottle to the consumer and tell the entire story from field to bottle that exists behind their authentic brand.

Kieran Kelly, CEO of arc-net, said “Blockchain enables a new era of transparency and product authentication. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with such a forward-thinking company like Adelphi. Alex and his team are pushing the envelope of spirit and whisky production in terms of quality and traceability, and also demonstrating a realistic and pioneering approach to renewable energy and sustainability, and arc-net are delighted to be a part of their brand story.”

Alex Bruce, Managing Director of Adelphi, said that “Adelphi is thrilled to be part of arc-net’s vision to use technology to bring transparency and authenticity to the rapidly growing single malt whisky market. We have a vision for the future and using the platform is an integral component in our ability to capture and share production, process and product data with our customers. In addition to a growing number of countries, globally, recognising Scotch Whisky’s Geographical Indication (GI), we also believe it to be essential that the consumer is able to understand the craftsmanship of making it, and for the producer to ensure the security of their route to market. In addition, the arc-net platform will give us the opportunity, as a nascent distiller, to share and communicate our love for the brand and ensure our customers have the ability to visualise and validate our products as they move across the globe.”

About Advanced Research Cryptography Ltd

At arc-net our aim is to establish the global standard in product and supply chain authentication and security. We have built the arc-net platform, which is a cloud based data analytics and supply-chain security platform for the food and drinks industry. The traceability solution connects all elements and organisations within the dedicated supply chain to provide the consumer with 100% traceability, provenance and authenticity offering both brand and product protection. arc-net operates from offices in Belfast and Edinburgh, and works with leading companies in food, beverages, aviation, energy, manufacturing, luxury goods and national infrastructure.

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About Adelphi

Scotland’s most acclaimed bottler of rare single cask and limited edition single malt whisky, Adelphi built their own distillery on the rugged and remote Ardnamurchan peninsula, commencing production in July 2014.

Although it has no plans to release an Ardnamurchan Single Malt until 2021, Adelphi has already bottled a limited quantity of “work in progress” mature spirit, with demand far outstripping supply.

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