We Are On a Mission

arc-net was created with one goal - to protect the health of current and future generations by providing access to safe and authentic food for everyone.

Is this an easy task? Perhaps not, but we believe it's absolutely worth striving for. It's this goal that underpins everything we do and drives us to equip our clients with complete control of their supply chain, brand and business.

We know that for a business, success or failure can rest on the smallest of margins. Under such pressure to achieve long term growth, companies must embrace a culture of innovation; arc-net is here to bridge the gap.

We believe you have the right to know where your product comes from and should be assured of its integrity when it leaves your care. Our platform is designed to introduce confidence in a global supply chain that grows more complex every day. Our technology makes it easy for your business to access quality data, validate products and mitigate risk.

The arc-net team has a unique combined experience in food, finance, security and data analytics. More importantly we share a common belief in the power of technology to leave a better world than the one we found.


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