Brand Protection and Security through Transparency

arc-net connects every step of your product's journey to deliver supply chain transparency and product security. The arc-net toolset provides an easy to use scalable platform, powering the strategic insights that unlock profit .

Trace. Verify. Trust.

Enhancing Brand Protection and Consumer Loyalty

Investing in a traceability solution is a vital way to ensure the growth of your business. Our innovative service enables complete control of your supply chain, resulting in operational efficiency, increased revenue and reduced risk.


Additional Information provided at time of purchase decision. Guaranteeing authenticity and safety.

Data Collection

We collect all the data associated with the customer buying decision creating better predictive analytics models.



Customer scans arc-net QR code on the food package with mobile phone to receive food safety information on product.


Food producers provide customised information on the provenance of the product.

Brand performance

Increasing brand performance In store where it counts.

Navigating the Global Supply Web


The global supply chain has grown so complex that it has become almost impossible for producers and retailers to guarantee the provenance of their products.


Your organisation's reputation depends on every participant within the supply chain.


arc-net's solution provides you with the information necessary to protect your reputation and strengthen customer loyalty by ensuring compliance throughout your entire supply chain.

Building Trust

A new era has dawned with arc-net's unique use of blockchain technology.

Digital DNA

arc-net’s own identification code contains a cryptographic marker for every single product or item. This code utilises digital DNA to enable items to be tracked across the entire supply chain through the use of blockchain technology.


arc-net's platform becomes a host for data throughout the product lifecycle. Organisations can access and utilise this data to deliver enhanced product and consumer analytics.

Unleashing Your Potential

arc-net’s mission is to enable our customers to control their supply chain, enhance their business and protect their brand.


Control Your Chain

  • Deliver Total Traceability
  • Cut Cost of Product Recalls
  • Reduce Process Inefficiencies


Enhance Your Business

  • Guarantee Authentic Product
  • Enhance Existing Systems
  • Provide Automatic Provenance


Protect Your Brand

  • Build Consumer Trust
  • Wield Customer influence
  • Unlock Powerful Data


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